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We help with your tax returns, extensions and audits.

Our mission is to serve the community by offering solutions in their own language, which is why all our offices have bilingual and native English staff. Our services are designed to provide the service that our community deserves.

Tax preparation

Income tax preparation for corporate, personal and organizations.

Payroll Services

We offer professional Payroll solutions that meet your business needs and allow you to spend moretime doing what matters most: running your business.


Keep your accounting up to date facilitates more accurate tax preparation, reducing expenses and costs at the end of the year or an IRS audit. With the help of Lopeza Services your business and you, can focus more on running your business and generating income.

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Services for business, organizations and corporations

We have a series of tools that will help you develop all the potential that your business requires.

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We are a company with an innovative service proposal, supporting your needs in terms of consultations and support in immigration, legal, accounting, business and tax issues. More than 30 years of experience support us.

Personal Taxes

Workers employed by companies that receive a W-2 form as proof of work. Independent or self-employed individuals who may or may not receive Form 1099-Misc as proof of income.

Public Notary

Get your documents notarized quickly with our certified agents. Public Notaries are impartial witnesses that help you validate important documents and reduce your exposure to fraud.

Business Taxes

Companies, as legally incorporated persons in the US, are required to register with the IRS. File a federal and state tax return depending on the location of your business.


Corporate and Organization Accounting, sales tax reporting and tax planning.

Presentation & Solutions

At Lopeza Services we are tax filing professionals ready to help people find solutions to IRS tax problems. We help find a fair resolution of requests made by the IRS, such as an audit notice or tax debt.

Payroll Services

Payment of employees following federal and state regulations. We process your business payroll accurately and on time.

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